Samrat is a board game that takes you back to 12th - 13th century medieval India. This is the time when Muhammad Ghori unravels his plans to take over India. India was ruled by Prithviraj Chauhan from Delhi and Raja Jaichand from Kannauj in the current state of Uttar Pradesh. To the west, Gujarat was under the rule of Raja Bhimdev II. While history notes the success story of how Muhammad Ghori defeats these kings, Samrat gives the players another chance to rewrite history.

  • A highly compelling strategic-war game.
  • Experience Indian history through a board game.
  • Real kings, realistic map, real objectives!

  • Awareness of history
  • Critical thinking
  • Planning & decision making

Each player takes on the role of a king from medieval India and completes his objectives to earn stars. Some of these are based on true Indian history! Players build camps in their kingdoms to produce three types of resources - Gold, Stone and Wood. Use resources to raise an army and complete the identified objectives. The first player to earn five stars (2 players) or seven stars (3 or 4 players) wins the game.

  • 18 inch x 18 inch Main Board: A medieval map of India that realistically depicts the four kingdoms and the popular cities of the time.
  • 4 King Boards: Smaller boards for each king that identify the king's objectives and characteristics.
  • 45 Camps: Gold, Stone and Wood camps that produce resources when built in any of the six sectors of a kingdom.
  • 90 Resource Cards: Gold, Stone & Wood resources generated by their respective camps.
  • 60 Army Units: Three types of army units - Swordsmen, Cavalry and Elephants, which may be purchased for their resource cost.
  • 1 Qutbuddin Aibek: The special army unit of Muhammad Ghori.
  • 20 Fortune Cards: Unexpected fortune that can provide special benefits to a player.
  • 30 Stars: Each completed objective earns stars.
  • 4 Pawns & 1 Dice: All made of wood.
  • 4 Costs and Strength cards
  • 2 Reference Cards & 1 Manual: All the help required to play and master the game.

Watch how to play Samrat within 10 mins here :