1. How does a firefly light up?
    How does a firefly light up?
  2. Why is the sky blue?
    Why is the sky blue?
  3. Are raindrops pendant shaped?
    Are raindrops pendant shaped?
  4. How did the mountains form?
    How did the mountains form?

There is learning all around us. Step out and let your curiosity lead. It is amazing how beautiful everything appears if you just spend enough time to appreciate its fundamental backdrop. At Kitki, we endeavour to help you realise how fascinating learning really is, by not just seeing or hearing it, but by experiencing it. Join us as we explore innovative ways (board games, postcards, workshops,...) to share our love for learning.

Meet The Team
A curious boy at heart, an astronomer and photographer by hobbies, Pramod has a sense of appreciation for simple joys of life. As he progressed in his career, and through his travels across India, he realised how uni-dimensional all his academic life had been. The education system over the past few decades lost its association with the practical world, limited to achieving more marks and better ranks. Consequently, we lost our sense of curiosity. To share his love for learning, Pramod plans to rekindle the lost curiosity through kitki, the window of learning and fun.
Pramod Ponnaluri
Co-Founder & CEO
Rohini Deepthi
Rohini is a soul dedicated to creativity. Her sense of aesthetics (and the amount of time she willingly spends on photoshop) seems to turn everything she touches into a masterpiece. Commonly found with a camera around her neck, her passion for photography is loved by all her friends. Her experience with education systems in different parts of India and her energy levels are a perfect match for kitki’s modules. Using her creativity, Rohini wishes to spread the joy of creating beauty from everyday articles that we take for granted.
Rohini Deepthi