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The Prison of No Escape

The Prison of No Escape

SAMRAT - Rise of the Delhi Sultanate

SAMRAT - Rise of the Delhi Sultanate


Do you have to force your kids to learn? Do they find learning boring? As part of our ‘Learning Is Fun’ project, we have designed board games that will change your perception about learning forever. Coming soon are three new games based on educational concepts that are creative, entertaining and challenging for both kids and adults.

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Does one curriculum fit all? In the previous blog, we highlighted the paradoxical state in schools – the naturally curious kids don’t want to go to schools and learn. Let’s take a big step out of the system for a moment and let children follow their curiosity. Their learning path may be radically different from [...]

I don’t want to go to school! Human beings are naturally curious. This can be noticed clearly in young kids. They touch and taste almost everything. The number of questions they ask can annoy even the most patient parents. They want to hear stories about the past. They want to break things and see what is inside. [...]

Current Hyderabad Weather Conditions Updated Aug 26, 2013 10:10 AM Moderate Haze Temperature: 26°C Dew Point: 20°C Barometer: 101 kPa Wind: WNW 22 km/h Humidity: 69.5 % Visibility: 5 km Ever wondered where and how we get these readings from? Kids from Bhashyam Brooks explored and found the answers for the same. Mime acts by [...]

Kitki is privileged to be the Quiz Master of Brainwave at Oakridge Treasure Fest 2013

Our very first workshop at Our Sacred Space. Thanks to Adhya Educational Society for giving us such a wonderful opportunity. Kids painting their imagination of underwater life. Kids trying to understand the consequences of colorful plaster of paris Ganesha idols being immersed in various water bodies. The beautiful underwater world painted by kids…which now is [...]

Well, the last two weeks have been quite an exciting ride for Kitki, organizing the Experiential Learning Competition for students from some of the best schools in Hyderabad. From prelims to finals everything was an activity based challenge. The enthusiasm, innovative thinking and creativity that was displayed by these kids  was exceptional. Here are a [...]

“A session at 7 am!? I mean, who wakes up at 7? And that on a Sunday?! Are you kidding me? You moron.” These are the first words I woke up to. And the source of the curses is none other than my own head. The only way I could pacify it is by promising [...]

Great location. Gorgeous moon. What a night!   To be honest, the initial 30 minutes of our first astro session were heading towards a disaster, with no one but moon who arrived on time   As soon as the clock struck 7:30, the crowd started appearing from nowhere. I had to recheck my watch to confirm [...]



20th July 2013



20th July 2013

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"It is not that I'm so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer." ― Albert Einstein.








Why is the sky blue?








Are raindrops pendant shaped?








How did the mountains form?








How does a firefly light up?


There is learning all around us. Step out and let your curiosity lead. It is amazing how beautiful everything starts looking if you just spend enough time to appreciate its fundamental background. At kitki, we endeavour to help you realise how learning can be fun, by not just seeing or hearing it, but by experiencing it. Join us as we explore the answers to several such curiosity questions.


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